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Hall of Fame Signings

Mayweather Glove

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Can I take a picture of the athlete signing my item?

Yes, you are more than welcome to photograph the athlete signing. Photo op tickets are required for any posed photography with the player. 

Will you have certification available at the signing? 

Yes, authentication services will be provided by BECKETT in partnership with our neighbors SWING FOR THE FENCES.

Can I return an autograph ticket after purchasing?

No, all autograph tickets sales are final unless a player cancels their appearance. Our returns/refund policy can be found here

I can’t make the event. Can I send in an item to be signed?

Yes we offer mail-in orders, please contact our exclusive mail order partner:

How many autographs do I get per ticket?

Each autograph or inscription ticket is good for (1) autograph or inscription. You must purchase as many autograph tickets as signatures being requested. 

Will the athlete sign anything I bring?

No. While almost all items are acceptable the athlete does have the right at their discretion to not sign an item in which case a refund will be provided. If there is an item you are uncertain about please don’t hesitate to ask before purchasing your tickets. 

How long will each athlete be signing for?

Each athlete will have a start time and will sign until they get through the line. Most athletes will sign between 20-60 minutes at a minimum but please listen to all announcements being made which will help you figure out when an athlete has made “last call”.